2015 Student Chapter Conference Competitions

2015 AIS SC Competition Info - Hosted by The University of Alabama

The competition portion of the conference allows students to demonstrate their business skills and information systems knowledge. Judges include industry leaders and internationally recognized faculty. The competition is divided into an initial virtual component and an on-site, face-to-face student competition.

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Competition Tracks

IS that Serves Society: As students and future practitioners of information systems (IS), you play a significant part in the AIS mission. This contest will allow you to demonstrate the impact that IS can have on society by challenging a team of individuals to design and implement an information system that can serve as an innovative solution to a societal problem.
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Security Policy Competition: The case study competition is written with many clues about the security problems at "InvestCo". The intent is for student teams to pull the many problems from the case study and craft potential solutions to each one. Then teams should work to create a coherent security policy for employees and clients that balances security and accessibility.
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AIS Student Chapter Video Competition: Women are traditionally an underrepresented population not only in information systems, but across all computing disciplines. That's why we, along with the great people at the AIS IS Women's Network and National Center for Women in IT (NCWIT), are challenging you to change that by creating a short (no more than 5 minute) video explaining why women should study IS!
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QVC Analytics Challenge: The AIS Student Leadership Conference is pleased to announce that QVC has generously sponsored this year's analytics competition track! Winners of this competition will receive a cash award.

For this track, student teams choose one of four problems and data sets donated by the participating companies. Students create a visualization that provides insight into the data, addressing the key issues of the problem. Teams submit their graphic and a one page description highlighting its key features. Students can use any tool to create their entries.
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2014 Student Chapter Conference Competitions

The virtual competition is now open.

The student competition is divided into multiple tracks. Competition within each track is divided into two main phases: 1) an initial virtual component that any student/team can participate in and 2) an onsite, face-to-face student competition for the top teams in each track from the virtual competition. The virtual competition will begin December 2. This year’s onsite competition, for finalists from each track, will be held at the 2014 Student Chapter Leadership Conference and Competitions hosted by Arizona State University on March 20-22, 2014. Students/chapters only need to pay for travel if they are selected as finalists.

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Competition Tracks

Content areas for each track may vary from year to year depending on the interest of the students and the faculty involved in the competition. Here are the 2014 tracks:

Competition Track

IT Service Management: This competition track will focus on how to manage IT services in a large organization. Groups will analyze a case and provide recommendation about how to leverage IT services in the organization so that critical functions can be performed. (Track Description, Case Description)

IT Security: This competition track will focus on how to manage IT security in a large organization. Groups will analyze a case and provide recommendation about how to manage IT security in the organization so that critical functions can be performed. (Track Description, Case Description)

Social Innovation: The objective of this competition track will focus on how to leverage the incredible power of Information Technology and Social Media Technology to address societal problems and create social good. (Case Description)

IT Video: The objective of this competition track will be to create a video presentation that can inform an audience about the incredible power of Information technology, and to explore the profound impact it will have on both global business as well as shaping future society. (Case Description)


Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in an active AIS student chapter are eligible and encouraged to participate. Refer to specific track guidelines for additional information about team size.

Materials Availability and Submission

Materials for each of the tracks are accessible for open viewing. Multiple submissions for each school are allowed, however, a maximum of one team from each school for each track will be selected to participate in the onsite competition.
See individual track guidelines for specific submission information.

General Dates

The following are general dates for the competition:
• December 2nd – Pre-registration opens; Virtual competition begins
• February 2nd – Virtual competition materials due; judging begins
• February 12th – Notification of results
• March 3rd – Onsite presentation guidelines distributed
• March 20-22nd – Track Finalist Competition at Arizona State University


Please contact Alex Lopes or E. Carey O’Donnell if you have any questions related to the student competition.


2014 Student Chapter Conference

The 2014 AIS Student Chapter Conference will be hosted by Arizona State University! Get ready for another great competition! More competition information coming soon!

Congrats and Good Luck to Evisa Lumani

Evisa Lumani, an exchange student from Albania currently studying in the ITDS department, is one of the finalists for the 2012-2013 Association for Information Systems (AIS) Student Competition. The finalists – five teams for each of the four competition categories – are invited to compete during the AIS Student Chapter Conference to be held in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA on April 18-20. The onsite competition is held in conjunction with 2013 Walmart IT Summit and AIS Student Chapter Leadership Conference. She was chosen out of 82 teams from 17 universities who submitted competition materials for the virtual round. She competes in the Systems Analysis and Design category, in which competing teams are asked to analyze and design an IT system for a business case.

2013 Walmart IT Summit & Student Chapter Leadership Conference

Planning for the AIS Student Chapter Leadership Conference and Competitions, hosted by Walmart in Conjuction with the 2013 Walmart IT Summit, is well under way.

Registration is free and will open on February 4th, 2013.

Conference Information

April 18-20, 2013


702 SW 8th Street

Bentonville, AR 72716-8611